Alexandre da Silva Faustino

Alex investigates political struggles and socio-spatial inequalities intertwined in urban water governance in contexts of transition to more sustainable approaches.

Alex has a Ph.D. in Urban Geography completed at the School of Global, Urban, and Social Studies, RMIT University. With a background in environmental and urban planning, Alex’s work focuses on urban waterscapes, standing in an interdisciplinary practise based research, intersecting environmental management, ecology, planning, urbanism, geography, regeneration and activism.

His academic interests are theories and practices of urban water governance that can deliver regenerative and caring cities; the institutional, political and technical barriers to operate ecologically based water paradigms; and the role of local communities and grassroots activism in the pursuit of alternative modes of urban and planetary dwelling. He is also a founding member of the Alliance for Praxis Research (APR), a scholar and creative activist collective based in Melbourne dedicated to cultivate radical pedagogies and nurture transdisciplinary grassroots networks through a framework of university extension.