Ani Landau-Ward

Ani Landau-Ward has a Masters in International and Community Development and undergraduate study in Architecture. She is associated with the Social and Global Studies Centre (SGSC) at RMIT University, where she is pursuing a PhD.

Ms Landau-Ward currently teaches in International Studies and also works as a Research Officer in the Centre for Urban Research (CUR), where she has produced research outputs on opportunities for indigenous land governance. Her PhD research is a socio-legal analysis. It inquires into the governance and justice implications of digitisation in property rights administration, in the International Law and Development field. She brings to her academic work professional, and practical, experience in community work, land and housing justice advocacy, and participatory architectural design.

Ani’s research has been presented at the annual meetings of The Association for Law Property and Society (ALPS), and the International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR). She has published scholarly writing in the Springer Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance, the New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, and the volume Urban Asias: Essays on Futurity Past and Present. She has a new co-authored book, Monsters of Modernity: Global Icons for our Critical Condition, with the ethical academic publisher Kismet Press: Leeds, forthcoming in early 2019.

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