Dr Joan Staples

Joan is an Honorary Principal Research Fellow in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies.

Prior to joining RMIT, Joan taught public advocacy at USW Law School.  She has many decades of experience in public policy, civil society, and human rights.  She continues to have strong civil society and professional links, including as a trainer and mentor.

Her publications focus on the democratic role of non-government organisations (NGOs) and their relationship with government, as well as the history of climate change policy. Her research is informed by her career in policy and advocacy across a range of NGO sectors – environment, Indigenous affairs, international development, consumers, and social services.  See her website: https://joanstaples.org/about/

She is an active member of two of CUR’s Research Groups: Climate Change Transformations and Critical Urban Governance.  She has been an Executive Committee Member of the Australian Political Studies Association, and a member of their Environmental Politics and Policy Research Group and of their Women’s’ Caucus.   

Her current research interests include climate change, social justice, human rights, democracy theory, sustainability strategies, Indigenous and Asia Pacific research, and governance theory and practice in civil society organisations. 

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