Dr Nerkez Opacin

Dr Nerkez Opacin is a research fellow in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University.

As a multidisciplinary researcher and educator, he has extensive experience in analysing intervention programmes focusing on community engagement and vulnerable communities as well as competence in working on conflict resolution and peacebuilding approaches. At present, Nerkez is engaged in the RECETAS project, overseen by Professor Sarah Bekessy and Professor Katherine Johnson (SGSC). The initiative aims to examine and enhance nature-based interventions as a means to alleviate the experiences of loneliness and societal disconnection among individuals who identify as LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers and refugees. 

Dr Opacin’s research interests span across social anthropology, global studies, and peacebuilding. He utilises a variety of qualitative research methods such as ethnography and participatory action research, in conjunction with quantitative data analysis techniques, to create research findings that can be employed to guide practice, program design, and policy.