Dr Mittul Vahanvati

Researcher in housing and human settlements, co-production of knowledge, disaster preparedness, post disaster recovery, community resilience and project management.

Mittul is currently working with regional communities in Victoria (Australia) to co-produce their resilience action plan. She has specialised in post-disaster shelter and housing program design for carving pathways for community resilience for long-term in future.

Prior to entering in research, Mittul worked in architecture industry and as a tutor and lecturer for more than 7 years. She continues to develop a bridge between industry-academic silos. Some of the courses she has taught are like “Rural Studio”  enabling University students in experiential design+build studios, international humanitarian study tours or addressing climate change at local and micro scale in partnership with local Council.

Mittul is a lecturer at RMIT’s Sustainability and Urban Planning and PhD supervisor.

Her core strengths are:

  • Long-term reliability of housing projects
  • Developing countries
  • Strategies for design+built projects
  • Humanitarian- Development nexus
  • Prevention- Resilience nexus
  • Co-production of knowledge
  • Community participatory appraisal
  • Action research, that is interdisciplinary, intersectoral and cross-cultural setting
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