Dr Mittul Vahanvati

Mittul’s research focuses on the long-term impacts of housing reconstruction projects, the theory and practice of socio-ecological systems resilience and community-led approaches. Her field of research sites at the intersection of built environment and design, and human geography.

Mittul is a senior lecturer in Sustainability and Urban Planning discipline. Her research examines how disaster-related housing recovery efforts intersects with community resilience, emphasizing climate adaptation and diverse cultures in Australasia and the Pacific. Her research focuses on two key areas:

1) institutional level design and governance of recovery programs, and

2) the long-term impacts of these housing recovery efforts on capacity building for disaster- and climate-informed decision-making.

She employs collaborative methodologies in her work, engaging in co-design and collective knowledge creation, with various stakeholders to uphold housing as a human right and enhance resilience.

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Enhancing urban resilience to climate change impacts and natural disasters: Honiara

2019 (ongoing)

The overarching aim of this project is to enhance the resilience of the city and its inhabitants to current and future climate impacts and natural disasters.

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The role of public and private sectors in disaster capitalism: an international overview

Vicente Sandoval, Darien Williams, Wes Cheek, Jason von Meding, Ksenia Chmutina, Claudia Gonzales-Muzzio, Giussepe Forino, Isabella Tomassi, Victor Marchezini, Dr Mittul Vahanvati, Holmes Paez, Michael Boyland

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

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Housing Continuum: Key Determinants Linking Post-Disaster Reconstruction to Resilience in the Long Term

Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia Pacific. Disaster Risk, Resilience, Reconstruction and Recovery

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