Professor Tony Dalton

Professor Tony Dalton contributes to the program of urban research and teaches research and urban studies.

Professor Tony Dalton contributes to the program of urban research and teaches research and urban studies.

Following appointments in senior leadership positions at RMIT including Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation in the College of Design and Social Context (2004-2010) and Chair of Academic Board (2009-2010), Tony returned to research and teaching in 2011.

He is also Chair of the RMIT Fair Trade Steering Committee.

The focus of Tony’s research is on changing housing markets, distributional outcomes in a period of social and economic restructuring. More recently he has developed a research interest in the issues that climate change poses for urban housing provision. Throughout his research he has maintained a focus on the institutional context of policy so that we can better understand both policy outcomes and the way that different interests shape housing policy.

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Housing issues and policy

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