Mikael Granberg

Mikael Granberg is professor and co-chair in political science and director for the Centre for Societal Risk Research at Karlstad University, Sweden.

He is am a Senior Research Fellow and board member of the Centre for Natural Hazards and Disaster Science (CNDS), Uppsala University, Sweden. Mikael further holds a position as an Honorary Professor at RMIT University, Melbourne, in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies.

The main focus of Granberg’s research is political processes. This means that the empirical research scope is wide encompassing the development of the welfare state, globalisation and ideological shifts and, primarily, how these macro trends impact politics on national, regional and local levels.

The main focus has been on local government and urban politics. The area mostly focused during recent years is the challenges from global climate change and how these challenges are handled by society with a special focus on the regional and local levels. A special interest is if and how institutionalised political practices and norms facilitates or hinders collective action. This latter interest has entailed an increased interest in political theoretical perspectives and a critical scrutiny of the role of politics and ideologies (neo-liberalism) in climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. These issues are often theoretically informed by perspectives highlighting issues of power, justice and democracy.

Granberg frequently collaborates with researchers at the Centre for Urban Research and have been a reoccurring visiting scholar at the Centre over recent years.

New book (2020) with Leigh Glover, The Politics of Adapting to Climate Change. You find more information about the book here.

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