Dr Susie Moloney

Dr Susie Moloney is an Associate Professor in Sustainability and Urban Planning in the School of Global Urban and Social Studies and a member of the Centre for Urban Research (CUR), RMIT University.

Susie’s research and teaching focuses on urban sustainability and climate change and the implications for policy, governance and action particularly at the local and regional scale. She works with a range of organisations on climate justice initiatives seeking to address the inequitable impacts of climate change across different communities. She was inaugural Director of the Centre for Just Places, Jesuit Social Services and co-founder of the Climate Change Exchange. She has co-authored and co-edited two books ‘Planning Melbourne: Lessons for a Sustainable City’ (CSIRO 2016) and ‘Local Action of Climate Change: Opportunities and Constraints (Routledge 2019).

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Urban planning, Urban policy and governance, Urban sustainability, Climate change policy and practice, Social practice change, Community engagement.

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