Katrina Dunn

Katrina is the Project Coordinator for ‘How Well Are We Adapting,’ – a project designed with and for Victorian local governments.

How Well Are We Adapting is an online tool, co-designed with local governments to monitor, evaluate and report on climate change adaptation measures and responses across council services and assets. 

The tool was developed by the Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action (WAGA) Councils in partnership with RMIT University, Net Balance Foundation and Federation University Australia, with funding assistance from the Victorian Government.

The current project broadens the scope and capacity of the existing tool to enable its use by all local governments in Victoria.

Twenty Victorian councils are participating in this project phase, in consultation with councils across Victoria.

The project aims to:

  • Build capacity for monitoring, evaluation and reporting for climate change adaptation.
  • Embed climate change adaptation considerations across council service and asset portfolios.
  • Enable the adaptable use of ‘How Well Are We Adapting’ by all local governments in Victoria.
  • Develop indicators to encompass all areas of local government operations, services and assets.

Prior to joining RMIT University, Katrina has worked on a number of projects relating to climate change adaptation and renewable energy.

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How Well Are We Adapting


A climate change adaptation monitoring, evaluation and reporting tool, designed with and for Victorian local governments.