Katrina Dunn

Katrina works collaboratively with the public sector on climate change adaptation projects.

Katrina works with a range of stakeholders, including local governments, State Government, Victorian Greenhouse Alliances, community service organisations and the water sector.

Katrina’s work engages with the co-production of knowledge between researchers and practitioners. Katrina is currently working on projects related to: scenario planning for climate change adaptation, and monitoring and evaluation for climate change adaptation.

Katrina is the Project Coordinator for the Exchange, Climate Resilient Service Delivery, and How Well Are We Adapting (job share).

Prior to joining RMIT University, Katrina has worked on a number of projects relating to climate change adaptation and renewable energy.

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Climate Resilient Service Delivery aims to explore the use of scenarios planning as a tool for climate change adaptation decision making, with a particular emphasis on the local provision of community services to heat vulnerable populations.

Climate change adaptation planning in Victoria’s Water Sector

Scenario use and principles for embedding climate change into decision-making.

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