The Planning and Transport in City Regions Program seeks to understand processes of urban development and patterns of mobility at the metro-regional scale, and the policy measures needed to improve the productivity, livability and sustainability of city-regions.

The program is focused on the case of Melbourne as a mega-city in the making and addresses the problems and challenges faced by planners in grappling with the city’s transformation.

The program’s work is nonetheless positioned within a national and international context and looks toward experience elsewhere in metropolitan scale land-use and transport planning to inform its research agenda.


Improved Urban Systems for Liveability

This project investigates how major cities function and the effects of their land-use, housing and infrastructure systems on the humans that live in them.

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The Benefits of Elevated Rail: Lessons from the graduate design studio “Rail UP!”

The Victorian state government has committed to removing 50 level crossings in two terms of office: a faster rate of removal than in any other period in the history of railways in Melbourne.

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Public Transport Accessibility in the City of Port Phillip

Spatial Network Analysis for Multimodal Urban Transport Systems (SNAMUTS)

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Key People

Lead researcher

Professor Jago Dodson

Professor Jago Dodson

Director of the Centre for Urban Research

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Related Content


The Melbourne Airport Rail Link: Are we there yet?

Recently, the Australian Government pledged $30 million in addition to the Victorian Government’s $10m for the development of a business case for a rail link between Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport and city, much to the delight of many Victorians. A train between the airport and city may seem like a no-brainer for Melbourne, but are there details that may derail our expectations? Join […]

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Is it worth it? The value and trade-offs of car parking in Melbourne 

With more competition between uses for urban space, decisions are controversial whenever car parking questions are involved. Parking is a key component of many challenges cities face as they strive to be more sustainable and liveable. So what’s parking worth to Melbourne? Join us for the second instalment of RMIT Centre for Urban Research’s Talking […]

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Impacts of High-Speed Rail Infrastructure on City-Making Across China

See Anthony’s session here. See slides from his lecture here.  High-speed rail (HSR) is transforming China by enabling new forms of urban and regional development. This presentation seeks to better understand the urban and regional impacts of major mobility infrastructure by applying three perspectives on the design of HSR in China. Corridor Mode (CM) HSR […]

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If the Western Distributor is the answer, what was the question?

Now in stage three of development, the Western Distributor Project has been proclaimed as the solution to transport issues in Melbourne’s West, with economic and employment benefits. However, there are many questions that have been left unanswered about how this project will prepare Melbourne for the future challenges of the 21st Century. If the Western […]

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Transport for Melbourne: What’s the plan?

The Victorian State Government has committed to a number of major infrastructure projects, but what’s the plan for Melbourne transport and how do these projects fit in? Traditionally governments have relied on their departments for policy and professional advice, yet now we see them increasingly turn to organisations outside government for advice and the delivery […]

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News & Blog

We must plan the driverless city to avoid being hostage to the technology revolution

As with Uber and the taxi industry, public sector planners and regulators will be forced to respond to the anger of those displaced by the new products the IT and automobile industries will bring to the market. But can we afford to wait?

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Making sense of the global infrastructure turn

This is the final article in our series Making Cities Work. It considers the problems of providing critical infrastructure and how we might produce the innovations and reforms needed to meet 21st-century needs and challenges.

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The Victorian Planning System: Practice, Problems and Prospects

Dr Stephen Rowley discusses his new book 'The Victorian Planning System' – the perfect introduction to the Victorian planning systems for new planners and the wider public who need to deal with the planning system.

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Student designs on the right track for future rail crossing removals

A collaborative research project between RMIT University and the University of Melbourne explores new ways to improve the integration of public transport and urban design in Melbourne.

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Victoria needs a big-picture transport plan that isn’t about winners vs losers

There has been no shortage of ideas about how to spend the A$9.7 billion the Victorian government will receive from selling a 50-year lease for the Port of Melbourne.

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New book plans out quality public transport system for Melbourne’s future

RMIT Centre for Urban Research launches a new book, introducing interactive decision-making tool to incorporate greater accessibility for Australia’s public transport infrastructure.

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Expert Comment on Port of Melbourne lease

Director of the RMIT Centre for Urban Research Professor Jago Dodson is available to talk about the State Government’s proposal to spend the proceeds of the $9.7 billion deal to lease the Port of Melbourne.

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Commuters help regions tap into city-driven growth

Long-distance commuting may help promote the development of regional cities by boosting local populations, skills and income.

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Election 2016: what will a re-elected Coalition government mean for key policy areas?

The Conversation’s experts respond to what the Coalition’s agenda will mean for key policy areas.

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Are regional commuters getting sick of the daily travel grind?

CUR PhD student Todd Denham is investigating changing commuter trends for people travelling from regional Victoria to Melbourne for work.

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Ideas for Australia: City v4.0, a new model of urban growth and governance for Australia

In providing for the well-being of the next three million urban Australians, we need to take unvarnished stock of our situation.

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